Maybe the most impactful aspect of this Bible Immersion is the fact that you are doing this with other young adults hungry to learn more about God. Going through such an intense program like this by yourself would be very difficult, but the fact that you have other people who are experiencing along side you will make this one of the most impactful 10 weeks of your entire lives.

You may not know everyone going into this school, but by the end of the program, who knows you might make lifelong friends who will encourage you and keep you focused on pleasing Christ for the rest of your lives.

Team Evangelism

Touring D.C.

Serving the Community

Sharing Meals




Church Life

Church Life

A very exciting aspect about the Bible school will be the fact that you will be immersed in such a fantastic church like Immanuel.

The Lord has graciously supplied Immanuel with many generous, wise, and godly people here.

During your time here you will be exposed to the pastoral staff, the Elders and the members through events, and through being at the host homes. We have selected host homes of people we trust and want you to learn from. Also you will be exposed to wonderful expository preaching by Jesse Johnson each Sunday!


Although the Bible Immersion will be intense, we will be having lots of fun as well.

Part of the Bible school will be visiting Washington D.C., Living so close to such a historically rich place is a privilege and we will definitely be taking advantage of that.

Whether its visiting the Lincoln memorial, or visiting one of the many museums available we will be taking full advantage of living so close to this city.

0e358a_7eef73b97f5a40da970c058110aa0280Living life together

For ten weeks you will give your life away for God. To learn about Him, read His word and give your life in service to him. You will not do this alone. Other young adults from around the country will be right alongside you relentlessly pursuing Christ. We will live in host homes who are looking forward to serving you and coming along side with you for this incredible 10 weeks. You will make lifelong friends and the Lord will use them in your life to provide accountability and encouragement not only during these ten weeks but probably for the rest of you life.