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Classroom Learning

This Bible school is not just about reading through the entire Bible. It is geared towards supplying you with everything you need in order to live a fully equipped Christian life. Here at IBC we are blessed to have many pastors and elders who have been giften by God with wisdom and the ability to teach and we want to supply you with as much Bible knowledge as we can.

​Whether it’s learning Theology, Church History, Biblical Counseling, Bible Survey, Evangelism and Apologetics, False Religions, or Biblical Worldview, we believe we have assembled the right classes, and the right instructors to make this experience worthwhile and helpful.

Our goal here at Foundry Bible Immersion is not only to teach you, something you can do anywhere, but to give you the opportunity to take what you learn in the classroom and apply it instantly in the outside world. We believe that the components of learning the Bible and applying it will not only solidify what you have learned but keep you from getting complacent and puffed-up.